Unit 4 Writing Assignment

Unit 4 Writing Assignment.

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**Requirements: 500 words minimum, APA format including title page, include Bible integration, appropriate citations and references page, and the similarity index should not exceed 20%.

  • (1) Explain what “equity” means as it relates to taxation. (2) Discuss the two general equity standards of “benefits received” and “ability to pay.” Explain what each of these terms mean and how each impacts taxation. (3) Define “horizontal” equity and “vertical” equity, and explain how each impacts taxation. (4) Discuss how a Christian worldview would deal with each of the foregoing (items 1, 2 and 3). Be specific and cite specific Scripture to support your position.

Class book: Mikesell,J.L(2018).Fiscaladministration:analysisandapplicationsforthepublicsector(10thed.).Boston,MA:CengageLearning.ISBN:9781305953680.

Unit 4 Writing Assignment

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