Sustainability Essay

Sustainability Essay.

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After spending time brainstorming and listing the things or issues that you care about the most as it relates to the environment, think about how you learned to care about these issues and why. Turn this into a draft of at least 3-5 pages (double spaced), which you will submit as your lab for this week. You should be responding to the writing prompt:

A sustainability literacy sponsor is an agent, model, person, or institution that you often think back to as a way of understanding why you feel a particular way about something. In some way it has influenced you by giving you information that allows you to form an opinion or perspective. For your sustainability literacy sponsors essay answer the question: “What does sustainability mean to you?” Draft a 3-4 page essay that narrates your understanding of sustainability and support it by answering where, when, and how you developed your current ideas and understanding about sustainability. Frame your supporting evidence in terms of the 5 aspects of personal sustainability (emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and philosophical sustainability). You are free to cite or reference any sources within the context of the paper.

Sustainability Essay

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