Sickle cell

Sickle cell.

I’m working on a Health & Medical exercise and need support.

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search Paper: Gordon Rule Application

The student must write a 750-1000 word paper that is relevant to Human Anatomy and Physiology on any subject related to humans with respect to a disease, syndrome or malady. A relevant medical topic would also apply. The report should be up-to-date and referenced.Please use 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spacing.In order to complete the requirements, the following steps and information are needed:1) Select a topic as soon as possible from the provided list (posted on canvas). Discuss your choices with your professor.2) Get an approval before proceeding.3) The report should have a title page, which includes your name, class, time of class and subject.4) Research relevant and up-to-date articles about the subject by going to the library or searching online. DO NOT use encyclopedias or books older than published in 1985. DO NOT use magazines typically found on the supermarket shelves. DO NOT use journal articles from magazines such as “Science”, “Science News”, “Scientific American”, “Nature”, “Preventive Medicine” or other health journals.5) It is suggested that your write a rough draft of your paper. In writing a scientific report, use facts and present your information as directly as possible without much flowery descriptions.6) Have at least FIVE sources of information and cite the references to these sources including authors, title of reference article, book publisher and year of publication. These reference sources should be listed together at the end of the paper and the reference cited in your report as with the author’s names, a comma and the year of publication (e.g., Thomas, 1999; Thomas & Simons, 2005; Thomas, Simons & Trent, 2008). If using a website, please indicate the URL of the website. Please DO NOT use the Wikipedia as a source or
reference. You may use a maximum of three (3) references from the Internet—two (2) sources must come from other publications. 7) The paper will be used for a grade of 100 points.8) The paper is due on July 13. Any papers turned in after the due date will have at least 20 points deducted.9) You must turn in the paper as an attachment to an email

Sickle cell

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