Safety warnings and Defamation

Safety warnings and Defamation.

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In the Managerial Strategy feature in chapter seven, When Is a Warning Legally Bulletproof?, answer Business Questions 1: To protect themselves, manufacturers have been forced to include lengthy safety warnings for their products. What might be the downside of such warnings? and 2: Does a manufacturer have to create safety warnings for every product? Why or why not?

What product do you think needs stronger warnings? Share a specific example of a warning this is not needed, as you believe it is a commonly known risk. Attach a photo or active link if possible.

In Case Analysis 6.1, Blake v. Giustibelli, answer Legal Reasoning question 3: The First Amendment normally protects statements of opinion, and this can be an effective defense against a charge of defamation. Does it seem reasonable to disregard this defense if any assertion of fact within a statement of opinion is false?

Have you ever seen any online reviews of products or services that may have been defamatory? If so, share a specific example.

Safety warnings and Defamation

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