Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance.


As we’ve discussed, an important piece of an effective compliance program is a robust “tone at the top,” one that evidences senior management’s commitment to act in an ethical manner and to comply with the rules, regulations, and internal policies governing employee behavior.
Please provide your ranking of the Codes of Conduct from most to least effective (that is, numbering them from 1-6) in terms of motivating employees to act ethically as well as to comply with laws and policy. Please describe your reasoning for your selection of most effective (No. 1) and least effective (No. 6). With respect to the Code you identified as least effective, please draft a two to five sentence introduction for the CEO that you believe would assist in motivating employees to act ethically.
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Wells Fargo Google Amazon
Feel free to use other publicly-available information if you would like, and please cite any such information

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Regulatory compliance