Quantitative Research Application

Quantitative Research Application.

Quantitative Research Application Objectives Explain quantitative research methodology Analyze the types of research questions that benefit from quantitative studies Discussion Overview In this discussion forum, you will use your problem of interest to explore how quantitative research methodology can be used to find answers to research questions and what types of research questions can benefit from quantitative studies.

Deliverables Your participation in the discussion forum, including the following: A response to the initial questions Responses to at least two other students’ posts Step 1 Reflect on the following questions. Before you focus on your specific topic, consider the questions below: What is quantitative research methodology? What types of quantitative research questions would best help you obtain useful quantitative data relating to your problem of interest? How would you approach quantitative research methodology in a study relating to your problem of interest? Step 2 Reflect on your proposed research question or problem of interest. Consider the following questions before posting to the discussion board: Why do we do it this way? Are there better ways to assess or intervene? Do patients with a specific intervention/assessment have better outcomes?

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Step 3 Post a response to the discussion board. Address the following questions in your response: Consider your research problem/research question. How could you study your topic using quantitative research; specifically, what type of quantitative research questions would you use and why? Explain quantitative research methodology and what types of research questions benefit from quantitative studies. Explain how you would approach studying your problem of interest using quantitative research methodology. Outline the steps you would take and propose a research problem, purpose statement, research question, and hypothesis. What are some assumptions and limitations in your study? Will the study be experimental or non-experimental? Explain your choices and provide rationale. What types of research questions would best help you answer your research problem or question of interest, and why?


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Quantitative Research Application