Python Installation & Hello World

Python Installation & Hello World.

Task 1 — Python Installation & Hello World

Description Install Python 3.8.x, understand how to get into the Python shell. Python shell is a quick way to test code snippets and perform quick testing, it’s crucial to know how to open it, how to use it, and how to exit.

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Requirement ● Display Python version. There are a few ways to know the version, of which “python3 –version” is probably the

easiest way. ​Attach a screenshot that shows your Python version​, using any method. (Why do we care about the Python version? Each newer version is slightly (or vastly) different from the previous version, for basic stuff, Python keeps backward compatibility and things behave more or less the same. Still there might be some differences here and there, it’s good to be aware of versions early on)

● Print “Hello World!” in python shell. ​Attach a screenshot that shows how you get into the python shell, and print “hello world!” to screen, then show how you exit. ​(​Hello world is a typical first step in programming. For python it’s ealy, 1 line. As compare to Java, we’ll have to learn to create a class first. )

Example screenshots Please ignore my older python versions, your version should be 3.8.x

Task 2 — Install Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn

Description Install Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, then provide screenshots to show success. You can use terminal to run “pip3 install xxx” or “pip install xxx” on some systems, or install inside of PyCharm, feel free to google how to do that.


● For pandas: ○ login to python shell and do “import pandas; dir(pandas)” similar to what I show in the example below.

Your screenshot doesn’t have to include the full content of ‘dir(pandas)’ if it’s too long. ​Please attach a screenshot.

○ Please describe what builtin function “dir()” does, using

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Python Installation & Hello World