Post to Favorite Things Assignment

Post to Favorite Things Assignment.

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Question 1

100 Points

*Post a poem, video, story, song, painting, pic collage, etc. about your favorite things at ASU*

This is an activity to help you build community. You may use any genre of music that your choose such as the following: country (one of my favorite), gospel (my mom’s favorite), pop etc. to create your favorite things assignment. Be sure that the creation is appropriate for a professional setting and does not include any profanity, inappropriate information, secret codes that refer to inappropriate information, vulgar images, etc. Have fun creating and I hope to see your creations soon. Be sure to include at least 7 favorite things in your assignment.

By the way, It’s about my favorite things at Alabama State University, you can research it on google and get some info.

I need this by midnight,

Post to Favorite Things Assignment

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