Information systems to enhance decision making

Information systems to enhance decision making.

I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

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Please write on the importance of information systems to enhance decision making. What types of information systems should an organization develop to enable managers to make better decisions? Contrast decisions made with information systems and those with information systems?

1.At least 500 words.

2.Citations – at least 2

3.Articles – PDF files – 2 in total. articles must be empirical study. Remember: 1. Research model, 2. Survey, 3. Statistics. articles are about Strategy.

Both articles are about information systems to enhance decision making.

Please search every article before you send it to me for: (1) research model, (2) survey, (3) statistical tables.

1. Research model – diagram about how the variables relate to one another – not a framework, not a flowchart, not steps

2. Survey – questionnaire or instrument to collect data – not longitudinal study, not case study, not experiment, not simulation

3. Statistical tables – showing frequencies and means – not mathematical formulas, not discussion only

4. Articles must be empirical study

All articles must be derived from Google Scholar and must be “Empirical studies” on the topic. Empirical studies must have 3 components: (research model, survey, and statistical tables and graphics). Article files must be PDF files only and the PDF file names must be the same name as the article.

Information systems to enhance decision making

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