Impact and Opportunities of Information System on financial services ORGANISATION

Impact and Opportunities of Information System on financial services ORGANISATION.

– Impact and Opportunities of Information System on financial services
• Descriptive title
• Table of Contents with clear section and subsection titles and page numbers
• Correct referencing (3 marks)
ABSTRACT? (Half a page)
• Complete and succinct abstract which briefly introduces the topic, identifies the research question(s), states the significance of the research and summarizes the findings of the literature review. Add 4 key words that would represent your research. (3 Marks)
• Clear statement of the research problem and the context of research
• Importance and relevance of the research study
• Brief overview of the organization of the research paper (5 Marks)
• Clear statement of the research question ?through identification of gaps in the literature (3 Marks)
• Ability to coherently synthesize and critically analyse the existing literature and make appropriate selections of ideas and facts.? Has the student synthesized information critically or merely summarized the articles?
• Logical progression of ideas
• Quality of the chosen texts
• Appropriateness of the chosen texts to the topic being researched and completeness of the texts as a whole for covering the topic.
• Correct citations using (15 Marks)
·???????? Clear summary of key points
·???????? Clarity in specifying the scope and limitations of the study
·???????? Implications for future research
The font size of the report will be standard. 12 and times new roman with single spacing.
1. Cover page
2. Table of content
3. Executive summary (No citation required)
Purpose of the report
Research approach
Main findings and conclusion
Must present the entire report
Must give readers all the facts
Length of this section should be 100-200 words or 1 page.
It can also be written as a summary of the main points.
4. Introduction
5. Research aims and objectives
6. Background and gaps in the field
7. Research significance and innovation
8. Research methods – qualitative (Industry) and quantitative analysis
• Surveys
• Interviews
• Focus groups
• Measurement of performance
• Website hits
• Log file analysis
• Case study
• Field study
• Design research
• Field experiment
• Lab experiment
• Action research
9. Main findings/Key Points
10. Conclusion – should include Clarity in specifying the scope and limitations of the study Implications for future research
11. Reference list
12. Appendix – Glossary A
• List of Tables
• List of Figures
Cover Page
Identify the topic, name and Student ID of students in the team, institution and degree.
Table of Contents
Provide a table of contents listing sections of the Proposal in a hierarchy of titles and subtitles, with page references.
Executive Summary
Provide a succinct summary of the main points of your Proposal.
The Introduction should introduce your research problem clearly and provide the necessary context; state the aim of the research; establish your point of view or position on the research problem; clearly communicate the importance of the research study for industry generally and/or for a particular organization; concisely state your main findings; and briefly give the reader an overview of how the report is organized.
Research Aims and Objectives
Describe clear and simple research aims and objectives in language appropriate to industry stating what you intend to achieve through your proposed research project. Remember to focus your research aims and try to narrow your topic into something that will be achievable.
Write a Background to the research problem, summarizing and if necessary adding to the Literature-Based Report (Assessment 2) prepared earlier. The purpose of the Background is to provide a rationale/justification for the research proposed. You will critically synthesize and evaluate existing knowledge and relevant facts with reference to sources of high quality information, such as reports from government, NGOs, industry or market research companies; ICT industry or business magazines and journals; white papers; books and book chapters. You may also include academic journal articles and conference papers. Cite sources of information using UTS Harvard style.
Research Significance and Innovation
• Firstly, explain the significance of the research and the importance of the problem, with justification from the Background. Identify how the research will improve ICT knowledge, technical capability and/or practice.
• Secondly, highlight the benefits to society or industry from your proposal research. From a social or business perspective, why is it important to solve the problem you have identified?
• Thirdly, describe the innovation of your proposed research project. How is it new? How will it contribute in some novel way to the operations of a company or to ICT knowledge generally? Will it improve existing technologies or approaches? Justify your claims with reference to the Background.
Research Methods
Describe research method(s) appropriate to investigate your topic and throw light on the research problem. Justify your choices in relation to your research problem:
• Define the activities your team will undertake.
• Is your research design fixed or flexible?
• Are your research techniques going to yield qualitative or quantitative data?
• What overall approach would you use to carry out your project (e.g., case study, field study, design research, field experiment, laboratory experiment, action research)?
• What specific techniques would you use (e.g., survey, interviews, focus groups, measurements of performance, website hits, log file analysis).
• How will you measure progress and what constitutes success, i.e., how will you know when you have succeeded in achieving the research objectives?
Write a logical Conclusion to what has previously been presented in the Proposal. It must pull together and discuss all parts of your argument and refer the reader back to the research problem you have outlined in your Introduction and to the research problem.
Reference List
Include an alphabetical list of references in correct UTS Harvard style of all sources cited in the Project Proposal.

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Impact and Opportunities of Information System on financial services ORGANISATION