How issues such as teenage pregnancy, depression and diabetes affect community health

How issues such as teenage pregnancy, depression and diabetes affect community health.

How issues such as teenage pregnancy, depression and diabetes affect community health
Issues Affecting Community Health

There are many factors that affect the health as well as the well being of a community. Most of the people and entities who are in the community have roles that they are supposed to play according to the requirements of health of the community. The issues that affect Lawrenceville, GA community incorporate pregnancy of teenagers, depression and diabetes.

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Pregnancy of teenagers as well as parenthood are typically associated with factors such as financial costs, health costs, and social costs to both states and parents. When a teenager gives birth her educational together with career objectives are disrupted and in turn, affects the finances of the future family and the potential of earning. Statistics have proven that in Lawrenceville, GA community, approximately half of the mothers who are still teenagers get their high school diploma at the age of twenty-two when related to 90% of women who does not have teen pregnancies (Harris & Hopper, 2019). In addition, mothers who are still teenagers also have higher chances of living in poverty and begins to depend on public help. Besides, the youngsters who are born to parents who are teenagers have lower chances of getting achievements in schools. The children tend to get themselves into systems of correlation and child welfare and then sometimes drops out of school. However, the government has set several welfare laws that address pregnancy of teenagers.

Depression is generally a commonly known disorder that affects people in a community mentally. Normally, the characteristics of depression incorporate sadness that persists for a long time together with not having interest or even pleasure in most activities that are considered to be enjoyable (Segal & Teasdale, 2018). In addition, depression can also affect sleep and the appetite of a person and lead to poor concentration as well as fatigue. Depression is considered to be the greatest cause of people disability in Lawrenceville, GA community. However, depression has effects that lasts for a very long period of time which can influence the ability of an individual to function correctly and live quality life. Lack of employment, loss and childhood adversity may lead to depression development. The government have collaborated with World Health Organization to develop tool kits that provides individuals in a community with the right tools to assess and improve and provide information on the rights of human standards in the facilities of health care and social care.

Diabetes is another health issue in Lawrenceville, GA community. The costs of medical care that are diabetes associated typically lead to burdens of the economy for families, society and also patients (Dagogo-Jack, 2017). The work productivity of individuals with diabetes in a community are considerably low compared to the work productivity of individuals without diabetes. Employees with diabetes health issues normally have too many sick days, increased disability and retire early. The government involvement in fighting diabetes is mainly centered on encouraging people by using information together with education so that they can change their way of living.

These issues can be prevented by developing a program for improving health in the community. The program for improving health will help the community to put its particular circumstances into consideration, incorporating the factors like the needs of competition, concerns of health care, capacities and available and unavailable resources. However, these issues can be improved with less government involvement. With less government involvement, their will be minimal financial costs, health costs, and social. The people will also gain freedom to examine what leads to health complications in their community. By examining and understanding the causes of health complications, it will be easier to develop a program for improving health in the community

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How issues such as teenage pregnancy, depression and diabetes affect community health