How catholicism influenced latin America as society (sociocultural impact)

How catholicism influenced latin America as society (sociocultural impact).

I need an explanation for this Social Science question to help me study.

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TERM PAPER – this is your only written assignment.

6-8 pages, double space preferred, cover page, bibliography, please use at least 3 academic sources other than lectures. Topic can be on a world religion and its socio-cultural impacts or on a more general topic dealing with the culture impacts of influences of religion on American or other societies. For example: “Shinto and its impact on Japanese involvement in WW II” or “Religion and its influences on U.S. politics”. Referencing format for citations can be APA, MLA, etc. not picky about this, but make sure citations are clear and consistent.

You are not just writing your paper on a world religion or religious movement; given the focus of our course, what I want you to go into further detail is how it inter-relates with the society or culture in which it is found. Alternatively, you could do a more abstract topic on how religion (generally) influences a particular social or cultural aspect or institution, in which case you might be dealing with several religions or sects.

You will be submitting your term paper IN Canvas, turning it in electronically. I can accept the following file types: DOC (Word), RTF, PDF. It will be due on our last day of class, Thursday July 30th. You MUST submit by that date. Otherwise you will need to take an Incomplete. Your paper will be being checked by TurnItIn for plagiarism, as well as spelling, grammar, etc. (I will be rechecking those things myself, of course.)

I’m attaching the only power point we’ve had for the lecture so far. Beside that I think i gave you all the info about the assignment

APA format, word doc and use Mexico as one of the examples

How catholicism influenced latin America as society (sociocultural impact)

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