With the aging population this is a growing field  and there is a great need for individuals with a Healthcare Administration Background to oversee the operations of these facilities.

A few weeks back I had you explore the Hospital Compare Website and select three hospitals you are interested in working at.  This week I attached the link to Nursing Home Compare.  This site works the same way the Hospital Compare site did (you will see it looks very similar)

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  • Select three nursing homes that you would be interested in being the Nursing Home Administrator at.
  • For this activity in addition to navigating the various tabs of the website, pay special attention to Tab 2.  This tab contains a wealth of information!  You will find the actual Inspection Reports from the State and actual complaint investigation reports.  Read the reports for at least one of your selected nursing homes.  Notice the detail these reports go into and just what the nursing home administrator and director of nursing are ultimately responsible for.
  • Were you surprised at what you found?
  • Submit a summary of your learnings.  Explain how this site can assist you in the future (both professionally and personally)