Easy research and less writing

Easy research and less writing.

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

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1. You are going to write an email to the bar / private club telling them that you are a close-up magician. After browsing their website, you hope to perform magic in their place.

Note: you need to express your professionalism in the email, please understand what close-up magic is before writing the email if you don’t know magic. In addition, you need to express in your email that you have the skills to chat with guests so that they can enjoy the time with you, and finally write down why they want to invite you and what benefits they have for them.

2. Please list 15 private clubs (golf, yacht, red wine) in the Toronto area, and attach their websites. Please remember that they must be in Toronto!(At least 5 in downtown, and put them in the first 5 places)

Easy research and less writing

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