discussion board reply ( less than 200 words)

discussion board reply ( less than 200 words).

I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

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there are two person’s opinion about the discussion board questions. i have to reply them separately.

just give your opinion. no need for citation.


reply for person 1 post……

reply for person 2 post….

Person 1 post:( ashish)

Q: formulate a position/job description for a Project Manager in an industry with which you are familiar.

Project manager is a leader who initiates and acts for the effectiveness and efficiency of a project from starting till end. Having a good project manager will not just help the project but will help in generating new techniques for the company for the future. Below is the sample of a project manager’s job description.

Organization Name: Sons & Sons LLC.( fictional)

Job Title: Project Manager

Salary: $ 90,000

Location: DFW, Texas, USA


The project manager will be responsible for the overall activities required for a project to be successful. In addition, will help management to formulate new strategies for further growth. Project Manager overviews the planning, directing, assigning, coordination, implementation, execution, controlling, and completing the task and responsibilities in a specific time aligning with the company goals and objectives. The Project Manager will set direction on the different stages of the implementation during the different phases of the project cycle, which includes gathering client requirements, configuration and deployment of the different activities to the employees.

Throughout the project, project managers are responsible for working closely with the client to make sure fulfill the customer expectations about the project are made on a timely manner and under the budget.


  • Achieving the objective of the organization formulated at project charter.
  • Having a good relationship with the concerned parties.
  • Training and monitoring subordinates during and after the project.
  • Using project management as well as agile concepts to cope with the changing environment.
  • Communication within the team and reporting to top management regarding project timeline.


  • Bachelor’s degree is required.
  • Master’s degree preferable.
  • Project Management Professional ( PMP) Certification.
  • At Least 5 years in sales or other related fields.
  • Have experience to lead a team.
  • Industry knowledge.
  • People management skills.


A guide to the project management body of knowledge: (PMBOK® guide) (6th ed.). (2017). Newtown Square, Pennsylvania: Project Management Institute.

Person 2 post (amrit)

The importance of the project Charter

The Initiating Process Group consists of activities, processes and skills that are needed to define the beginning of a project effectively (Loudon, 2012). It defines and authorizes a project to commence. The primary purpose of the Initiating Process Group is to (Project Management Institute, 2017):

keep the stakeholders’ expectations and the purpose of the project on the same page,

provide information regarding the scope and objectives of the project to the stakeholders

Ensure that the expectations of the participants are met regarding the project and its associated phases

Thus, the initiating process group is the process to define a new project or just a new phase of an existing project through the authorization to begin the project or phase (Project Management Institute, 2017). And the primary output of the Initiation Process Group is “Project Charter” (Loudon, 2012). Project Charter is a foundation document that formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the necessary authority to utilize the resources to the project manager for the project activities (Project Management Institute, 2017). It is important because it acts as link to connect project and the organization’s strategic objectives, creates a formal record of the project, and determines commitment of an organization to the project (Project Management Institute, 2017). However, the project charter is not created by the Project Manager, rather issued by the sponsor to empower the Project Manager with the authority to begin the project and obtain resources for project activities (Gilchrist, 2012). A project charter includes key information of the project such as the business need, scope, schedule milestones, deliverables, and resource impacts (Project Management Institute, 2017). Therefore, project charter is important for following reasons (Nizhebetskiy, n.d.):

Helps to recognize the authority

Recognizes the existence of a project

Clearly defines the start of the project

Sets the change management foundation i.e. helps to check and ensure that every change request is aligned with a project objective

Sets a mutual understanding of the project boundaries

States assigned project manager and his level of authority

Allow the project manager to use allocated resources

Thus, the project charter is very essential for a project manager as a project is not a project until the approval of project charter. Without project charter, there will be no clear direction, no clear definition of the scope, no expectations for the project and no authority for the project managers (Bhagia, 2019).

I worked in a non-profit organization that organized semi-annual projects for the youth. The organization had its own project initiation process where definition of objectives, scope, cost and timescale were determined. Even though it was not as systematic as we read on our books. It covered the major components such as scope, objectives, budget and schedule. However, we didn’t have project charter rather a concept note that provided the general idea of the project, its objectives, agenda, format and intended outcome. However, it did not mention any authority to the managers. When I started to work there, the manager who are looking after program planning and development department had just left the job and the manager at the time was also new to the job. So, at the beginning, it was hard for her to pick up the clear picture of the whole project. She took some time to adjust to the new project that was left behind by the previous managers. About the project, even without project charter, the projects were successful. Maybe because we used to highly rely on project plan rather than project charter. However, I think project charter is very essential for all the organization and project managers especially.


discussion board reply ( less than 200 words)

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