Complete the following discussion Post

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  1. Choose a well-known company, and pretend you are its CEO. Read prior classmates’ posts and do not choose a company already discussed.
  2. What business or technological opportunities might your company capitalize on or develop address climate change?
  3. What will the social effects likely look like with climate change legislation, and without it? How might your company address these effects in your focus on people, profit, and planet?

Complete the following discussion post

Complete the following discussion post.

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Project management requires an acute awareness of the latest business and technology trends to make better informed decisions and open the path to new ideas.

Select one of the following or one of your own:

  • Blockchain technology
  • the gig economy and gig workers
  • social media
  • cloud computing
  • or corporate sustainability

Research how it will impact Project Management in the coming years.

Which one do you suggest will have the biggest impact two years from now?

Support your work from scholarly sources found in the PG Library.

Complete the following discussion post

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