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Geopolitical communities that are created or known by natural or human-made boundaries such as rivers, mountains, or valleys (Maurer & Smith, 2013). I live in Mount Washington, Kentucky.  Mount Washington is located at what was once the crossroads of two stagecoach routes and was originally known as The Cross Roads. A phenomenological community is defined as a group’s perspective that separates them from other groups based on their culture, values, common interest, goals (Maurer & Smith, 2013).  The phenomenological community that I live is rural, farming community with a rapidly growing population in the last twenty years.  Most families have several acres of land, some choose to farm the land for tobacco, cattle, soybeans or corn.  Over the past 10 years there has been less farming done.  There are many farms that still exist in the area but gradually the city of Louisville in working its way out and we are becoming more suburban. 

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One of the largest challenges facing community health nurses when providing care would be the location of the people, how the community is spread out over several miles.  A nurse needs to study the community she is trying to help.  He/She needs to understand the cultural differences and economic status to be able to meet the needs of the particular community.  A nurse can use prior experience with similar communities to make new communities benefit.  Networking with other nurses and organizations over the United States can benefit everyone when trying to provide teaching to similar communities.  Also using that network system can help guide nurse to develop a plan for hard to reach and diverse communities.

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comment melissa