According to Shelly & Miller, (2006), spiritual care means “putting people in touch with God through compassionate presence, active listening, witness, prayer, Bible readings and partnering with body of Christ (the church community and clergy.” As a nurse, spiritual care is respecting and supporting my patient religious beliefs or religious preference meaning respecting their automy regarding medical decision and not insisting my own preference. Spiritual care is a talking and listening to their spiritual needs like giving time and privacy regarding spiritual rituals or prayers.

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I admit, I am not an expert regarding Bible study/readings and reflecting it messages to us, but I believe that the Holy spirit will guide us to know and understand it reflection and messages as it relates to our daily life. When I was in the Philippines, my wife and I were active member of Couple for Christ, an organization devoted to enhancing marriage couple relationship with Christ. We are a part of a group of five couples, who every week will gather in one member home and pray and do fellowship. The last part before fellowship is Bible Reading, the leader who is the host for that week will chose and read a Bible scripture and ask every member its message and reflection and relates to our daily life. One by one will explain how they understand the day’s passage. Before we started the bible reading, we always ask for Holy spirit guidance and intercession to understand and reflect it true messages because we believe without holy spirit intercession, it is hard to understand the true meaning of its gospel.

            Spiritual care involves “active listening, encouragement, expressing faith and hope” (Shelly & Miller, 2006). As for me, it the same and not much of a difference, the spiritual care that I believe, spiritual care is simply being actively present when you are needed, pray whenever ask to, reflecting and sharing Bible passage and gospel, offering a word of advice as it relate to their spirituality and offering prayer and words of encouragement. This includes making referrals for health services, and government agency for assistance and providing help for clergy and pastor presence. Spiritual care for me also is giving compassionate care by being attentive to their needs on timely basis. As a Christian, spiritual care is bringing hope to our patient who are in despair and losing hope in their battle with their illness and restoring their relationship to Jesus and spreading his words and gospel, to encourage them to repent and confess their sins and bring back their trust to God.  


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