Class 1 unit 5 comment 2

Class 1 unit 5 comment 2.

Clinical teams can be quite effective in the execution of tasks regarding caregiving services to patients or achieving set objectives for various organizations. For clinical teams to be successful in their course, the team requires elaborate structural leadership where the leaders are tested to affirm their abilities at the given status. The leaders and the members need to recognize their position, and their duties which are always helpful in avoiding conflict within the group and as each member takes full responsibility for their defined actions. Additionally, elaborate communication skills and channels increase the efficacy and efficiency of a clinical team. The members are aware of the right channels to use when channeling any information. Elaborate communication is essential as it keeps the group well informed of any emerging new information and the group adjusts swiftly to accommodate the new changes hence increasing group efficiency (Akella, 2013). The health landscape can be quite dynamic with new tasks arising so often, therefore, for a clinical team to be successful it requires the self-confidence and mental resilience of every member to be boosted at all times. Such kind of resiliency has been known to create breakthroughs in emerging circumstances. Team members with a wealth of knowledge and experience increase the capabilities of the team through mentoring new members in the group.

While the success of a clinical team is seemingly guaranteed, in a majority of other cases, it is a struggle. Team failures begin with disorganization in the leadership where certain leaders are not aware of the roles. Such situations lead to redundancy of activities and skipping of others (Triplett & Opperman, 2012). Another aspect of failing within a group results from poor communication skills. When the members cannot get information at the right time, the group mainly falls in confusion state, and eventually, the members fail to communicate with either the patients or management.

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Class 1 unit 5 comment 2