case study on leadership/management

case study on leadership/management.

Can you help me understand this Management question?

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Dear all,

Please find below a link to a case study that relates to Change Management and Leadership. Furthermore, you can also see 5 questions that you need to answer in relation to this case study. You are expected to submit this piece of work by Sunday the 26th of July at 11.59pm (UK time).

Many thanks,



Discussion Questions

  1. Effective leadership during a change process is very important to the success of the overall strategy. Do you think Oliveira was ready for the job? Explain your reasoning. (10 marks)
  2. What were the underlying reasons for Prado asking Oliveira to talk to Douglas Fischer? Was this part of Clothes & Accessories’ leadership development strategy? What is your opinion of Clothes & Accessories’ strategy? (20 marks)
  3. After the transition with Sara Carvalho, it was clear that Oliveira should lead changes in the store. What changes should he implement? Discuss how Oliviera could overcome resistance to change, commenting on force-field analysis and Lewin’s three stage approach to changing behaviour. (30 marks)
  4. Critique Oliveira’s approach on leading the turnaround process. What would you have done differently? (20 marks)
  5. What justifies Prado’s reaction when Oliveira returned from vacation? Why do you think Prado didn’t fire Oliveira? What should Oliveira do now? (20 marks)

case study on leadership/management

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