bus499 week 4 discussion 1 AND response

bus499 week 4 discussion 1 AND response.

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Week 4 Discussion Attachment

Please respond to the following:

  • Assess your satisfaction with Aldi and make recommendations about how the company could modify its business-level strategy to both increase your overall level of satisfaction and to attract new customers. Provide specific examples to support your response.
  • Analyze the five business-level strategies discussed in Chapter 4 to determine which strategy most likely applies to Aldi. Determine how a shopper’s experience might change if it switched to one of the other four strategies (your choice). Explain your rationale.



Good morning class

Aldi is a decent shopping chain that sells groceries. The only business-level strategy that I feel would increase my satisfaction to the chain and attract me as a new customer would be to get rid of the payment of money for a shopping cart. I understand that there is a level of saving money in the end for the customers but it is a hassle to pay for the utilization of a shopping cart. I would feel that if the company would hire students to retrieve the carts at a minimum wage salary, it would not only benefit the customer and make it easier to shop by not having to always carry a quarter to the store, but would also allow the chain to give the younger generation a chance to start a decent work ethic either in the summer or during school times.

The business-level strategy that I feel applies to Aldi would be the cost strategy level. Aldi is accessing it’s business model to be cost effective for the customers. They are taking on a cheaper way of purchasing groceries that at this time is what many people are striving for regarding their finances and their grocery bill. Discount prices is the business model that Aldi has incorporated from the beginning with no special frills that would boost the cost of the stores.

The differentiation strategy can be somewhat a great business model for Aldi as well. They strive to be different in how they set up their stores to not be like any other. They didn’t initially advertise and offered online and instore flyers. That was established to give the consumer a cost savings. Also with the weekly special offers, that gives Aldi an edge for the consumer. The regular customers knowing that they have extensive savings in-store, they would frequent the store based off savings and everything they have to offer instore.

bus499 week 4 discussion 1 AND response

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