Answer discussion questions respond 2 student posts

Answer discussion questions respond 2 student posts.

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What examples have you seen of present day pornography that challenge social and political hypocrisy? Cite. Respond to 2 posts from other classmates.


Elizabeth Lorah

Professor Addison

Psych 11

The present-day pornography that is a challenge to social and political hypocrisy is not making a law for verbal abuse and nudity that is definitely open online to everyone. Porn is a billion dollar business and it is everywhere in our lives. This is why couples now a days cannot seem to stay in long relationships because porn is literally in the palm of our hands. I mean even advertisements on our cell phones, and you cannot get rid of them. I don’t want that stuff popping up on my 14 year old sons phone, it is horrible. There are too many nude strip clubs all over the place, I hear Vegas is loaded with them. Porn is definitely in our social and political lives everyday. How do we teach our kids to have respect for everyone when we have a President who was involved in a sex scandal with Stormy Daniels and being recorded disrespecting women by saying “just grab them by their p****s.” There is so much more than that he has done to show total disrespect for women. Many of these nude strip clubs should be shut down or have more respect for the public. Pornography is here to stay and it will just get worse as the years go on. We do not have a choice but to live with it even though we do not like it paraded all over the place.


Talisa Almodovar




Chapter 18

In a society that claims to be against child pornography and pedophilia, it seems to me that there are so many school girl fetish style pornography. There are so many adds for “barely legal” videos, girls dressed in pigtails and school outfits, and a huge “daddy” fetish scene.

I have also seen many incest driven adds with titles like “my step mom” or “uncle” and it is advertised as if it is a highly rated category. Pornography is showing the true secret nature of the people of today and if you simply look at what is most popular on these pornography sites, you will definitely see a trend of rape culture (bondage), pedophilia (schoolgirls), and even bestiality (furry). It is all very real and very popular and becoming more of a norm everyday, despite what mainstream media would like to have people think. If we could look at the secret search history of every politician who claims to be for women’s rights, I am sure we would be less than surprised at what we find.

Answer discussion questions respond 2 student posts

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